Northwest Alternative Comics: Sophie Dimry

from “Abruption” by Taylor Dow

I chose to focus on a spread from Taylor Dow’s comic book, “Abruption”. I was attracted to his work because of his style. Dow uses an ultra fine point radiograph pen to draw his comics, which creates an complex, detailed style yet with simple figures and drawings.

This comic is interesting to me because of the use of panels. I think by using the same size of panels, it conveys a consistency in time. These panels show that time is consistently passing by at the same rate. Dow also shows this by keeping many panels black. In the first panel there is a man running into a dark room. By keeping several panels black, the reader visualizes the man walking through the room for a period of time until he reaches the light. This demonstrates the repetition principle of design. You see the silhouette of the man slowly appear in the panels. The whole scene shows harmony in that each panel effectively flows into the next. I really liked the use of light in these drawings and found it very interesting how he chose to draw the light in different ways. This scene is very simplistic but I think it shows different elements of design like texture and color. The texture in the frames on the second page is interesting to me because of the pointillism style Dow uses. The pointillism is a very effective way of creating hazy shadows in the dark and looks very similar to how our eyes see in the dark. I also liked how this comic differed from other by only using black and white as color. This is because of the tool used, the ultra fine pen. Overall, I loved Dow’s work because of how different it was from the traditional comic and because the story was so unconventional and interesting. The drawings were very detailed yet simple which I thought stood out from some of the other comics I viewed.

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