Northwest Alternative Comics: Edison Soliman

Dirtbag” panel by Eroyn Franklin

At the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center I was exposed to a multitude of different comics in a varied amount of art styles. The one that stood out the most to me was this single panel by Eroyn Franklin. Just from this single panel it really drew my attention away from the others around it. Mainly due to the fact it is really impactful in the way it is composed with a single family watching over a roaring fair engulfing their house. Another reason why this caught my eye was because of the interesting color scheme. She chose to go with a blue color overall but an orange on top to give great contrast to the fire and the family sitting below. Overall, I found this piece really interesting to look at visually as well as amusing to interpret.

At first glance I attempted to guess what the comic could possible be about. From the single panel I assumed that it was a family that just went through a horrible misfortune of having an accidental fire take away their home. And later that they would have to work their way back up by finding a new home to live in. When I found Eroyn Franklin’s website full of her archived comics I was able to finally read the full comic. To my surprise, the comic was a little to the way I interpreted it. There was just more depth in the beginning of the comic. It was a memoir to her early 20’s and it illustrated her life as a “dirtbag”. As she was hanging out with a friend she sadly had to come home to a fire at her house.

Page from “Making Tide” by Eroyn Franklin

Looking through Eroyn Franklin’s website I was also able to see more of her work. Shockingly I found out that almost all of her work was done in a lot of different styles and mediums. She seems like a very versatile illustrator who is able to create many interesting works which is incredibly impressive. One example is this comic called “Making Tide” which is in a completely different style compared to the previous “Dirtbag“. This also includes a time frame example where it shows a montage of this couple having a “magical summer”. Each panel is a different time during their summer together and the reader would have to interpret it as a montage.

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