Northwest Alternative Comics: Daniel Blanchard

For this blog post, I used examples from Paul Chadwick’s work, “Fanzines.” This piece of work done by Paul is nothing short of extraordinary, The number of elements that are used in his work, you would need more than 10 fingers to count. Paul has many different drawings in his fanzines series but the one I am focusing on for this blog is “APA-5 80″ and ” This example I feel has the most elements and did a very good job of capturing my eye. The first element I want to discuss is “lines,” The lines used in this art are everywhere. From the blueprint in the background to the lines used to depict muscles on the robot’s arms, there is no shortage of them in this graphic. Another design element that is used very well in this graphic is “texture,” the texture can be found in the darker shades of the piece. The lines and criss-cross patterns throughout the robot adds a sort of muscle texture to the graphic. The last element I will mention, even though there are so many in this graphic, is color. A lot of the other pieces of work in Paul’s “Fanzines” portfolio are black and white but there is a select few with color and I think the ones that do have color are exceptionally pleasing to look at. It adds a mood to the graphic and helps the viewer have a feeling towards the piece of work.

After looking at Paul Chadwick’s “fanzines” series, it gives me a good idea that comics don’t have to only be animated characters with a bunch of text bubbles. They can be amazing and detailed pieces of work sequenced just right to tell a story and keep the viewer intrigued. In this series, there are not very many examples of time and closure, but a lot of the pieces of art don’t have much explanation to them and leave the reader intrigued and puzzled in a sense. This makes the viewer make their own scene and play out what happens by using their imagination. This, I believe is something very special and hard to do successfully.

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