Northwest Alternative Comic: Dean Janikowski

Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the museum due to sickness, so I was stuck with having to search through WSU website. I made through to go through the whole website and take a deep look at each of the artworks. Then I finally came across one specific artwork that I really liked. For blog 5 I decided to look at Eroyn Franklin. More specifically I wanted to examine his work called, “for the record, I know this is a bad idea.” I really liked this piece for many reasons. One for just being straight to the point. You can easily tell the message he is trying to persuade. In the image it says “for the record I know this is a bad idea” on a poster. This is directly related to all the things the kid is doing in the image. The kid is smoking and littering and behind him is a trashcan and a bunch of other trash on the floor and not in the trashcan. You can also see the tattered posters on the wall giving it a real beat down area type of vibe. I also love the simplicity of the colors. He uses black and yellow only. This gives it a very cool vibe. The element of design that he used was incredible. I want to focus on the two main things he used and that was line and texture. The lines he used were very fluid and easy to understand. Everything was made simple and had a purpose. The character specifically only used a few lines to make. The texture used in this was also very interesting. In the image you can see texture on the walls and floor mainly. The walls were ripped and torn and the floors looked like they had a rough surface kind of like sand or cracked concrete. Overall, I really enjoyed this artwork and was easily one of my favorites because of the way he used elements of design.

For the record I know this is a bad idea By: Eroyn Franklin
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