Closure and Time Frames: Diana Alonso

The comic book that I have chosen to read for the semester is called “Monster”, written by Walter Dean Myers. I found this book to be interesting compared to others because, of the topic, as well as the cover, which was what attracted me the most, especially since it is focused about a person of color, and the main cover is also person of color.

Walter Dean Myers “Monster”

As I skimmed through the book, I was having a bit of trouble trying to find a time frame that was constant because most of the panels show time back and forth, not necessarily longer panels. This comic mostly shows panels that go from one thing to the other, which was what I found this image as. In this image it shows how the writer was going back and forth in a court case and it shows in the panels when the person is talking during the conversation. In this page, not only does it show the current time when it’s happening, but it is also showing the past of when the people are talking about, such as the topic that is being discussed in the page.

In this image from the book, when it came down to closure, I was able to find a moment-to-moment panel. This image demonstrates a moment-to-moment panel because it shows how it has very little closure, as it shows in both images below the page. As I looked for both time frames and closure, it was most difficult to find closure because there wasn’t many panels that showed very little closure. Most panels showed different scenarios according to who was talking which did not allow me to find many close panels.

Walter Dean Myers “Monster”
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