Closure and Time Frames: Chloe Brusseau

The graphic novel that I am interested in reading is Breakfast After Noon by Andi Watson. I am interested in reading this graphic novel because it appeals to me and what I would look for in a novel. I am not as interested in sci-fi or superhero genres which are more common in graphic novels. This novel explores the life of a young couple named Rob and Louise, and their struggles and triumphs as they walk through life together.

One example of closure shows a shot of subject- to- subject closure. The top or first panel shows a shot of Rob and Louise in their car getting ready to drive somewhere. Louise asks Rob if he’s got everything he needs, and he says yes. The very next panel shows a wider shot of the outside of a car driving away. One thing the reader might assume is that it is indeed Rob and Louise in the car. There are two completely different subjects but though closure, the reader will most likely assume that it is the same car shown in the previous panel of Rob and Louise conversing.

Subject-to- subject scene in Breakfast After Noon by Andi Watson.

An interesting example of time frames is actually the following page in Breakfast After Noon. There is a shot of Rob throwing a tape out the car window in frustration. Even though there are 3 panels that represent the same moment. While Scott McCloud touches on time frames not being linear left to right, this page somewhat has that. However it then skips to one big panel, the climax one the heated moment, and back down to the bottom where the moment ends. I found this interesting because in some comics, that moment might have been portrayed all in one panel; Andi Watson’s breakage of the moment adds tension and emphasizes the importance, possibly suggesting foreshadowing.

Interesting time frame example from Andi Watson’s Breakfast After Noon.
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