Final Digital Comic Collage

Digital Comic by Diana Alonso

My comic fits into the Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic because it shows a set of images that I use to try and describe myself, which would cover the part in Scott McCloud’s definition of “conveying information”. My hope for this comic was to share a little bit of myself with images that represent me. The readings and class discussions we had in class inspired me to think about different ideas that can help get the viewer to think more in depth about what my comic may represent, versus the actual meaning behind the comic. The materials I used help me make meaning through my collage process by each having a different meaning behind it. For example, the name tag I used as the center of attention for my collage was made in a workshop that was meant for women of color. This workshop help us understand how to navigate in a place where we are the minority, and how we can use our voice to help ourselves and others. The only word I used was my name. I decided to only use my name because I feel like since the collage was about myself, it helped to only use my name as a way to bring attention to the main focus in my collage, which was me.

To begin with, I had a really hard time trying to come up with a theme or topic for my comic. I feel like I couldn’t find the materials necessary for my collage which caused me to take longer than I should have. Before turning in my final comic collage, I was working on a different one, but I did not feel satisfied with my work, so I decided to start a new one. This collage was also not what I expected since I decided to change it last minute, but I think it has a better meaning than the first one. Since I had never used Photoshop, I struggled so much trying to use the tools. Although I kept going back to the tutorials for help, it was just so confusing when I would accidentally press something or do something that I didn’t know how to fix. My favorite part about making this collage was using the brush to erase or add parts to an image. I enjoyed working in a digital environment, even though I faced a lot of challenges.

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