Final Digital Comic Collage: Yanir Govrin

Complete Photo Collage Comic

My image fits in to Scott McCloud’s definition very well. I basically made a “standard” comic that has separate panels. I came up with the idea for this comic before I scanned anything so everything is scanned was planned out in accordance to the idea I had laid out. I tried to convey a short story of an origami rabbit that changes in to a crane to get to the candy. Over all it is fairly simple. I tried to make sure that everything had some kind of texture to make all of the different features more prominent as they contrast to their immediate surroundings. I ended up using no text at all because I felt it would not add to the story or the over all understanding.

Other than our first very simple photo comic this was my first time using photoshop. There were definitely a few things that I found difficult to do in photo shop and a few interesting ways that I did things. For both the panel outlines and the panel backgrounds I created a 6 separate rectangles and grouped them together to form the panel outlines. I then did the same thing for the panels themselves. For the collage background i used a scan of one of my t-shirts and just dropped it in to the background as is. I then dropped in the panel outlines using the first group i created as a clipping mask. I then put in the background color for my panels (a scan of my kindle case) and used the second group of rectangles as a clipping mask for that. I then went to my grass scan (a scan of my green notebook) and used the lasso tool to cut out a ground for each panel. I copy and pasted six of them lining them up the same way with each panel. I then merged them all in to one layer and used the panel group as a clipping mask on them as well. Next I added the tree. For this I used the same I did for the grass but i also went and darkened the scan (my notebook on which I drew a texture) as it was too light in color. Next I added the chocolate bar in to each panel. I resized the image then used the auto selection to automatically select just the shape for me. I then lined them up the same way for each panel. Finally i went and added in my origami animals in the order of the panels. I first added the rabbit to the first using the auto select to select it. I did it again for the second panel but rotated the rabbit counterclockwise so it would face the chocolate. I then next put in a shrunken down scan of a sticky note also with the auto select tool. I then used the auto select tool on a resized image of the crane and put that in the fourth and sixth panels. I then got a scan of my crane with the wings open and resized it until it matched the other crane scan before using the auto select tool to copy and paste it in. Finally I cut out my signature that I had scanned with the lasso tool, shrank it a bit then put it in the corner. Overall I think this project went fairly well but I noticed after printing some issues with the auto selected images that I didn’t notice before. If i was to do this again i would make sure to go back and fine tune the selections.

Overall I found it fun to work in a digital space as there were lots of options and things i could do to easily manipulate the images and do what I want with them. However not everything was this easy, I found some things like scaling and rotating stuff to be awkward and harder then with paper.

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