Final Digital Comic Collage: Bryce Ames

Collage comic by Bryce Ames, February 2020

My creative motivations came from working with the first piece that was an aluminum cutout and was the springboard for my idea of using the texture of this metal to be seen as armor. The aesthetic experience I was looking to create and convey to the audience was that of a foreign landscape with beings that are both familiar and not. All while looming in the distance there appears to be a planetoid that is expelling a crystal structure that seems to act as the planets “ocean”. Off to one side you see what you wish to believe is a familiar shape of a “quarter?” that is the size of a dinner plate.
One aesthetic that I wanted to be sure to convey was that of definition in terms of utilizing the different layers to allow the layers to overlap. This was achieved via slits cut out of the original images and then the object that was to be placed was sandwiched in between the different layers. The different textures that i had implemented such as the aluminum and the crystal background allowed for the segway into the larger crystals in the foreground.

I believe My collage comic fits in with Scott McCloud’s definition “Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer”. In terms that the collage draws an audience’s vision towards objects that continue to appear as continue to look on. Another meaning is that the collage is a combinational work of images that were deliberately placed in a very specific and finite order to provide both enough information to the viewer that they can gather the essence of the story that the overall piece is attempting to convey. 

I had used more over the visual mode over the other modes as for me the visual mode allows for the viewer to engage more with their imagination. However as I continued on with the collage i discovered that i even added the linguistic with the “icebreaker” on the ball in the foreground giving the reader a semi direction that they can use to interpret with the surroundings.

This is my first time producing a product from scratch. I have learned a lot during this project such as layer masks. Before this I would always just use the eraser tool to clean images with the risk of erasing the wrong portion and not being able to go back because I had run out of history in the edits. By using this method I have been able to save countless efforts from failing. Another tool that was new to me and That i had found very useful was the ability to clip layers to become filters and effects. This was a big help in adding textures to the images while as to not loose the original texture.
I really love composing in a digital environment, because it allows me to correct mistakes at a much cleaner level than that of in real life. Another reason is that I am able to make precision working such as making perfect curves and cuts at the flick of a wrist.

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