Final Digital Comic Collage: Trent Madison


Madison-Trent-Project-01-4-web-useWhen we learned about scanning in the CDSC, I was unsure of what i had that is meaningful to me. After I thought about it for several days, I figured out i just wanted to let people know more about who I am. The idea of my Collage is to let people know a few of the things that i enjoy.

My collage fits into McCloud’s definition of juxtaposition by making elements that are multiples of the same thing touch or overlap each other to create a series of leading lines throughout the piece starting with the Student ID card which leads your eyes to the title of my piece. The right edge of the ID card below the text leads you to look at the Dutch Bros card. This order is intended to lead your eyes throughout the piece starting with the card in the corner.

The Title at the top of the page is made from the lettering on 4 different NBA jerseys. The reason i did that is because I wanted to demonstrate that I am a fan of the NBA and I like to watch basketball. That is also the reason I combined the number zero from two different jerseys into one and put them in the composition. I included my high school student ID card, to give background on where I’m from. The stranger things tag is included because that is my favorite show. The jumpman tag is off a pair of retro Jordans I have, and represents that I like sneakers and buy my fair share of them. The polaroid picture is of me and a few of my siblings back in 2017. I used the polaroid to show that I am a big brother and i love my siblings. I put the torn up envelope and cardboard to add texture and layering to the overall composition.

I used a visual mode to make the words be adjusting the spacing between each letter to make each word and the space between the words readable and pleasing to look at.

I have some experience using Photoshop, but have not ever scanned items and used them in the program. I have used Photoshop in various classes from senior year of high school till currently ( my third year here). The Photoshop tutorials taught me that you can use the brush tool to get the fine details of a selection if the lasso or other selection tools do not get all of the desired area. The magnetic lasso tool was very useful to clip out the desired areas that I wanted of objects. I cut out each letter in the title at the top one by one and placed them where i thought was visually pleasing. Once i got my position of the letters for each word i linked those letters together so if I wanted to move the word I could do as a whole rather than letter by letter. For the stranger things cut out i used the rectangular selection tool since it was in a perfect square. I used the magnetic lasso tool for the rest of the objects. I copied and pasted a lot of the objects and played with the layering of some of them. I tried to use the pen tool to draw points on the objects however it was much more difficult that way, so I ended up using the other tool instead. I also Used Control T to transform most of my objects to set the orientation I wanted or to shrink it down to the size I wanted if it was too big.

I enjoyed compositing in the digital environment because it allowed people to use objects to create things that you would never think of doing in the physical world. For example i would never cut out the letters of my jerseys and put them together in the real world, but using Photoshop, i was able to create the idea and do it.


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