Final Digital Comic Collage: Jasper Contreras

Project One by Jasper Contreras

First off, one of the big problems I had was combining both aspects of Scott McCloud’s definition and Lynda Barry’s examples into one cohesive project. When we first started scanning, I just worked with my denim jacket and all the patches I had and let an idea happen from those things. One of the patches says “Hello, I’m trying my best” and that is what gave me the idea to, essentially, convey my own creative process in this collage-styled comic. What creates a series of juxtaposition is the core background — and two pieces of writing at the foreground — are pieces of works in progress, versus finished pieces of works scattered around. 

In deciding what to use, I ended up scanning a lot of different pieces of writing and a lot of doodles or other pieces of art I’ve worked on. I kept putting in images and then messing with them in different ways until I could decide if they fit in well or not. Because the whole idea started off with my “Hello I’m trying my best” patch, I made it big and overlapping everything. I really wanted to use vibrant colors and I hadn’t quite planned on a strong use of yellow or reds, it 

Any of the writing I used from the scanning, the writing itself isn’t as important as the “feel” of it. Some of the writing I used is scribbled and and scratched out and that’s the whole “work in progress” vibe I was going for. However, there are a couple pieces where I attempted to subtly use the linguistic mode — two patches, “Hello, I’m trying my best” and “Society of Misery and Regrets” and then the Folgers coffee — but it wasn’t a strong aspect I was using. 

I’ve used Photoshop a lot before this so I was already comfortable using it and able to get around myself. I didn’t exactly implement any of the tutorials because I already knew the basics of what we were doing. I messed around on my own and figured out what needed to be done. I like this sort of process, creating digital artwork — although I am much more used to drawing with the program. I think it allows for a lot of different people to create something no matter what level of artistic ability they have and it can be a little forgiving sometimes when you don’t have a very high skill set in drawing or other visual aspects

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