Final Digital Comic Collage: Anthony Sanchez

Photo by Anthony Sanchez 2020

For my Final Digital Comic, I wanted it to be portrayed slightly different than what you’d normally think of collage or comic. I wanted the viewer to make their own take in what they thought my inspiration was. But I wanted my collage to also portray who I am as a person and who I want to become. But I also wanted my collage to relate to McCloud’s definition of Juxtaposition. I believe with my collage I was able to show the different textures with multiple images. For example, the center piece of the collage is a drawing that I scanned. The image itself was made with graphite from a pencil. It has its own shapes, textures and colors that are vastly different from the piece it connected to. Which it’s connected to a shirt. But with shirt I edited to the way it seemed to be a sweater. The texture and contrast from the shirt itself have this old feel to it. The printing on the shirt is rough and cracking. You can tell that its old and it has been through some things. Every item that I put on my collage represents some point in my life and has some meaning. But with that being said that’s the same reason I didn’t put any Linguistics into the Collage. I wanted the viewers to make their own representations of the project instead of me telling them what it is and what is meant.

With the designing process in Photoshop I didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve with it. I knew that I wanted my project to tell a story, but I also wanted everyone to have their own view.  To begin with I never used Photoshop before this course. I have a drawing app that I paid for on my iPad that I use that was similar to Photoshop. So, while learning some features on Photoshop I was able to pick up on some things a lot quicker than I would have. By all means there’s still tools and features that I need more practice with. But I feel like I’m picking up on it quickly. Using the paintbrush tool was probably what I spent the most time using. I tried to get as fine as I could with the collage images, but I also wanted to keep the simple soft look in some areas to create certain affects. I like composing in a digital environment. But I feel there are some things that I can’t do with a mouse that I can do with a pencil or with something that I can create in general with my hands. I do believe working on Photoshop has a lot of positive things rather then negative.

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