Final Digital Collage Comic: Erin Rockwood

The information I hope viewers will take away from my work is an aesthetic response to the textures in my image and the pictures I used. I purposefully added three different types of drawings I did, including my sketches on paper, my sketches with the pencil tool and my drawings in the panels. I used a lot of natural elements as well, like the leaves and the gemstone, to create a more earthy feeling to it, kind of like a witch’s magic, but modern-day. Linda Barry’s work that we read gave me a lot of inspiration because I thought it was really cool how many different mediums and textures she added, making a flat paper look heavily layered. I wanted to make that feel with my own as well. The images I used together create meaning because it gives a distinct feeling to the viewer and their connection to it. This is not my first time using photoshop, I took a class in high school and I’ve been doing a lot of projects in it lately. I learned about layer masks and how easy/quickly they can be used during this project. I’m so excited to learn this part of Photoshop because it opens up a lot of other things that I can do now. I used the select and mask workspace for my tree necklace part to get every part of the image cut out. I did have issues with my file, it was completely erased and I had to redo the entire thing last night in a different form, it looks similar to how I wanted it, but I wish I had my old file. I like composing in a digital environment because it gives me the freedom to add different kinds of media together, and most of the time I can fiddle with it until the thing that appeared in my head appears on the paper.

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