Final Digital Comic Collage: Rachel Fox

My digital collage fits into McClouds definition in the aesthetic response category, and less of the story telling part of the definition. I attempted to bring together a mix of busy textures and painted patterns that blend and relate to each other in different forms. I tried to embrace McClouds chapter about color and tried to choose patterns and colors that create a positive emotional response like pinks, greens, reds, and blues. I tried to create a clear space in the middle of the very busy background and use a handwritten type font to continue the chaotic and playful theme carried out in the rest of my comic. I wanted to bring in movement in the cloud raining hearts in the left corner to edge. I wanted to words to be misaligned so the center was properly balanced and didn’t contain too much wasted space, the color of the text is the same color of the pink foil behind the stationary. I did this to try unify the words with the background. 

I had not used photoshop to very much of an extent prior to this semester but I am in both this class and COMM 210 which is very focused on the creative cloud, so while working on this project for this class I was simultaneously working on a project in photoshop for that class. Both classes taught photoshop principles that carry over into the other. Using the quick selection tool on an image and then using the select and mask option to make a clipping mask and export to the rest of the collage was how I selected almost every image in my collage. I enjoy composing in a digital environment quite a lot, I enjoy how meticulous something can be until you learn a shortcut and its instantly easier. Photoshop is very fun to use because there are so many elements that you can learn more about and use in different and more creative ways. 

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