Final Digital Comic Collage: Luis Trejo

Final Digital Comic Collage By Luis Trejo

At first, I spread all the elements around the page, then I noticed that I could create a sequence by using the elements to create a new image as well as a new prospective. I noticed in other comics that were at the CDSC and especially in Lynda Barry’s, that they used different approaches when creating the story. When looking at a few digital comics that people have done in the past, one caught my eye that made meaning out of random elements. I wanted to create something that related to this with my project because I thought the idea was cool and it reflects the work that Lynda Barry produces. I had many stickers that were in a binder in my room and I thought of the idea of creating a sticker page. I remember as a child I as well as many of my friends had collection in paper in a journal. I placed the stickers in the project in a way that they would be placed in a page of an old sticker page. I used the linguistic mode for a small part toward the bottom of the page. I thought that adding text would better represent the meaning for the sequence. I used parts from the elements to create a new image and I thought instead of using regular text, I would use letters from the scans to create my text. I think that using the text within the scans would best fit the message I was trying to send when creating the project. I didn’t make much changes to the text except for resizing them so they could be read easier.

Before the digital comic collage project, I have had experience working with Adobe Photoshop. I started using Photoshop around my last years in high school, I would use it to create thumbnails for my YouTube channel. I have become comfortable with working with the program over time. When creating the project, I used the quick selection tool to create layer masks. I also used the move tool to rotate and change the sizes of each layer. I enjoyed working in a digital environment because it is easy to add as well as take away elements. I can make major changes to the project and if I do not like how it turned out, I can undo the change and the project would not be damaged in any way. 

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