Final Digital Comic Collage: Brady Davis

Final Digital Comic

So to be completely honest I didn’t have a completely clear vision of what I wanted to do going into this project. I wanted to do something somewhat different and original but didn’t know how to go about it. I was playing around in photoshop in class and ended up finding the line tool which I think would fall under the category of the shapes tool. I sort of ended up creating a web of lines that created a very eclectic grid system. I then filled in the sections with the magic wand and created a mask over the sections. I tried to make sure no two picture areas were touching each other so that they could be more juxtaposed to fit Scott McCloud’s definition. If it was just a bunch of pictures right next to each other I think there would be less contrast and it would just be a bit boring.

I ended up choosing a quite a few items for my collage that are somewhat different but all very personal to me and tell a story of my life.

  • “Things Are Different With Wolves” – I really like fashion and designs. This particular one is special as I bought it from a small startup on the /r/StreetwearStartup subreddit so not only is it a rare shirt, but I was able to support a small startup by purchasing it. I also love the design.
  • Drivers License: The main form factor of being able to prove that I am me.
  • Cougar Card: Although I don’t use this a ton, it symbolizes my status as a WSU student.
  • Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art – Another symbol of being a student, but I think this takes it a bit farther and symbolizes my status as a DTC student.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: My daily driver. Always on me and connects me to the world.
  • Guitar Pick / Capo / Tuner: Guitar is my go to relaxation vice / talent and I’ve been playing since 6th grade. If scanning a guitar was possible, I probably would have done that.

About Brady Davis

WSU Digital Technology and Culture 2022
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