Final Digital Comic Collage: Feifan Li

My comics look particularly boring, like a bunch of clutter cluttered together, but for me, these are my precious memories that have commemorative significance. At first, I was thinking about how to make my comics with a bunch of funny pictures, but I felt that the effect was completely different from what I wanted, so I tried to put some items that I thought were meaningful to me so that I could make people think why I put these things, so the meaning of comics comes out. In class, I often ask teachers and classmates what they think about this homework, which has helped me to design and complete this homework to a great extent. By arranging each item and then seemingly separated but closely attached, the implication is that although there is a temporary departure, the connection is not broken. I also chose purple tulips for my background. The flower language is an indelible love, which is the feeling of mutual help and support among loved ones. The language I choose is also the simplest word “gift”, which is a hint to the person watching.

Through this month’s study, I have a more systematic understanding of Photoshop. The aesthetic ability of cartography has been further improved. In the classroom, the teacher explained the use of various tools through examples, which is easy for us to grasp. At the same time, we know that only the lectures are limited. Only by working hard can we reach the level of mastery and make our own ideas. The desired effect comes. Through these weeks of study, I am quite satisfied with my performance. I have been more fulfilled and have gained a lot. Because Photoshop is a course I have always wanted to learn. Before I started to study this course, I borrowed a Photoshop textbook from a student who had already studied, and I took a look at it in my spare time. But without the guidance and teaching of the teacher, I always feel that I have made mistakes in learning and design operations. I always feel that there is something wrong, so I give up. But through this lesson, I learned many uses of Photoshop software, such as image processing and design skills. After these weeks of study, I think I haven’t got enough depth into the features of Photoshop to make graphics. Many details have not been taken into account. The use of some drawing tools has not been fully grasped, but only some of their usages are understood, and there is no best understanding, so when I do work, I cannot quickly choose the best solution. These are all pity. However, I think that the best use of this work is clipping masks and Selection tools. Learning these two functions speeds up the completion of my homework a lot, and the completion of the work is even higher. With different selections, delete, cut and paste make the image more interesting and help the theme clear. I personally like composing in a digital environment very much, because my friends all say that I am very good at learning and using computers. I think that this is my specialty, and I will increase my study and proficiency.

Created by Feifan Li, February, 2020.
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