Final Digital Comic Collage: Shira Feinberg

Photo by Shira Feinberg, February 2020

My final digital comic collage consisted of several images that not only come together to make several hearts, but then further come together to make four hearts in one another and two on the side. This fits Scott McCloud’s definition: “Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer” (McCloud pg 9) as it tells a story of how love is everywhere and in all we do. Each of the smaller hearts represents some of the things people (including myself) love to do: crafts, religion, games, social, nature, and self. Then it shows those hearts coming together into one-piece image. This idea was sprung from a combination of seeing past student’s collages along with the day we came into to see what we scanned. Which brought me to make something that relates to me and everyone. This is because everything we do has some form of love to it. For example, I enjoy crafts, games, being social, nature, and more. Which is why I included all those things together. Also, I put them all together as a symbol as a person who loves all those different things and therefore make up themselves.

 Furthermore, the readings about color helped inspire me to try and keep a color scheme of warmer colors with a bit of contrast with cooler colors. Not only did I focus on color, but I also focused on the texture of my items and how they would relate with one another. Which is why I put the items that were in common and had similar texture, together. In my collage, I also incorporated words to further bring the images together and give it all more meaning.

This is not my first time using Photoshop, however it is my first time using Photoshop in this type of manner. I used Photoshop to modify images and take my friends out on photo shoots and modify those images. I learned how to embed photos together and use them to create a collage. Some of the new tools I used were the masking tool and grouping layers together. The tools that I found most helpful were transform and masking tool. There were times when I had trouble with the masking tool because my brush was set to blue and not white and black. I enjoy composing in a digital environment, however I had difficulties merging the scanned images in a digital layout and making it look nice.

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