Physical to Virtual: Sophie Dimry

For the first scanning day I brought a hand made card from my sister, jewelry, a head scarf, a lanyard, polaroid photos, and some wrappers. I tried to find items to scan that would have interesting textures as well as items that had personal significance for me. I want to try to scan more textural items now that I understand scanning. I think the items I scanned will help show who I am. On the first day of scanning I only scanned the “get well soon” card that my sister gave me. I decided to scan this because I loved the colors and hand writing, and it has personal significance to me. I bumped the pixel count up from 300 because I wanted to enlarge the photo in photoshop. I scanned the outsides and insides of the card because I wanted to include all of the different aspects of the card.

Get Well Soon Card

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