Physical to Virtual: Chloe Brusseau

To the CDSC, I brought items that I thought would look interesting scanned on a digital level; as well as items that I feel that represent me and my life. On the first day, I brought in a tag from one of my favorite clothing stores, a lipstick because I love makeup, a ring with my favorite quote, and a gum wrapper (because it was shiny and I chew gum every single day). After some consideration as well as watching an example of using the scanner, I decided I might need to alter the items I was going to scan. All of my original items were quite 3 dimensional and round. I realized that items of this nature may perhaps be very difficult to scan, or look distorted or unrecognizable under a scanner. I needed to do some more planning.

After putting more thought into what I could bring, I came up with: A Polaroid photo of my best friend and I, my designer wallet that represents my love for fashion (plus I bring it everywhere), a WSU “Cougars” t-shirt representing where I go to school, and One of my favorite hair scrunchies.

Above is my Polaroid photo that I scanned. This photo was an ideal item to scan in my opinion as it is flat, small and manageable. Other flat items such as the wallet were easy as well. One item that I am excited to scan is the WSU shirt. The shirt has a waffle material and a screen printed logo. I think that this scan will provide a good example of textural space even though it will be digitized. I am going to try to have a variety of different textures scanned for my project 1 to make it aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. Between shiny, smooth, silky, leather, metal and many more, I am hoping they all come together and flow while being vastly different.

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