Physical to Virtual: Brady Davis

I recently bought this T-Shirt online from a community on Reddit known as /r/StreetwearStartup. In this community, small indie clothing startups share their designs and seek critique. I really enjoyed this design and wanted to support the brand as well so I decided to buy it. I love the colors as well as the graphic and the text makes me wonder how wolves are different. The scan didn’t come out perfect but it is very high resolution, and I kind of like the wrinkled rough look that came out. I think this will make a great center piece for the collage.

Wolves T-Shirt

I’ve been playing guitar since the 6th grade and love it. Anybody who knows anything at guitar will know what the next scanned item is. A capo is used to change the pitch of the guitar by essentially changing the length of the neck. Essentially, it’s a way to tune up all of the strings the same amount. This thing is a guitars best friend and is always around. I’ve had this one for probably 10 years now and it’s held up fantastic despite some minor cosmetic chips that I think add character. I’ve always been of the mindset that if your guitar gear isn’t getting some wear and tear damage, then you aren’t playing enough.

Guitar Capo

Scanning opened my eyes to how resolution works and just how detailed things can be. It’s an interesting phenomenon that we can observe these pixels in such great detail but can’t seem to recreate them once they’re gone. The whole concept of ppi or dpi is an interesting one to me as the difference between just 72 and 300 is so noticeable in both quality and file size. Before the scanning assignment, the only time I’d ever seen dpi is in relation to computer mice and sensitivity.

About Brady Davis

WSU Digital Technology and Culture 2022
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