Physical to Virtual: Edgar Martinez

I decided to scan a drawing I made of my first Dungeons and Dragons character known as Candu Man. I chose this to be scanned as it is special to me and i really liked the sketchy look that came from the pens. I also liked the size of the image and the fact that it filled up a large portion of paper. I made sure that the pixel count was higher than 300 because I knew that I would have to shrink the picture down as it was quite large and I wouldn’t be using the original size. Seeing that scanning can capture so much detail I look forward to scanning more objects with texture such as cloth and shirts. I love that scanning objects captures so much more than what taking a picture would do. I have a piece of cloth and a hat that I would like to scan. Using this scan in my project will be interesting as it is so large so i will be able to pick and choose the parts that I want to use. Dungeons and Dragons is now something that I regularly play and that is why i decided to pick this as my first scan.

Sir Candu-Man the Third of Astri

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