Physical to Virtual: Yanir Govrin

Elite Chocolate Wrapper From Israel

On the first day of scanning I brought in a few candy wrappers. I brought in a wrapper from my favorite chocolate bar from Israel, milk chocolate with pop rocks inside, and the wrapper of an Italian citrus hard candy that my roommate and I both really like. After I realized that I could do things like scan origami to tell more of a story and it could allow me to have more control with a “character.” Additionally, I though of things such as a T-shirt for a background and finding additional things for the background or foreground objects. I think origami would be interesting to use simply because it is something that can be flattened but still exists in 3D space. I was not very sure on what to bring on the first day as I did not find very many flat things that I just had lying around in my room. After this initial stage of being stumped I realized that there were a lot more different not completely flat things that I could actually bring in for scanning that was not just things like room décor or cards. I also had no idea of what I wanted to accomplish on the first day of scanning so I had no idea what it was I actually wanted or even what type of story I wanted to tell whether I wanted to actually tell a narrative or story with characters or if instead I wanted to do something that more loosely fit in the definition of a comic. There are a lot of not flat things in my dorm that I find interesting but for many of them it would be impossible to scan due to how not flat they are. I just simply would not be able to get a good clean scan of the object. Overall it was interesting seeing just what I could actually scan in and how to do it.

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