Print Versus Digital Comic

Digital Comic, Ivan Franco, Google Drawings
Hand Drawn Comic, Ivan Franco, Lead Pencil

For the two different Comics I decided to go with different formats to express different styles. The hand drawn comic is more personal and is something I can relate to being a college student. We talked about the difference between a comic that is made by hand with pencil, that is what I went for with the hand drawn comic. The format of the hand drawn comic is just a one image. there is only one panel or frame and it expresses an overall opinion towards the comic’s subject.

For the Digital comic I went with something a bit more typical. I decided to go with a four panel comic. The comic uses the frame to display two different images: the table with the pile of money and the cupcake, and the image of the man who is observing the table. I used some effect that i saw from McCloud’s text where I use the second frame of the man to get more personal and deliver some effect to the twist of the comic.

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