Print Versus Digital Comic: Chloe Brusseau

Personally, at this point in time I preferred the hand drawn approach to creating my comic because I feel that it was easier to plan out and more accessible than using a digitized software. Everyone at some point in their life has picked up a paper and pen and drawn, wrote, doodled, colored, scribbled, etc. Even though I am not a great artist, I felt I had more freedom with the paper. However, I feel as though as I learn more about digital softwares I will prefer to create comics in that form. The reason being is that I have never been an advanced artist by hand, and that is something that I have struggled with. If I can learn how to create art digitally where I am not relying on the steadiness of my hand, or ability to create a recognizable image, I would succeed and enjoy the work far more. Attached are each of my comics. You will notice that neither comic is very advanced. I found an online comic generator that used clip art of already created characters that I thought could represent me.

Digital Comic made by Chloe Brusseau, January 2020
Hand-drawn comic made by Chloe Brusseau, 2020

For both comic strips I used mostly linguistic and visual mode. In both of my comics, there is an image of what is supposed to represent me. I am explaining that I am not very artistic, however I am excited to learn more and build my skill base during the class. There are speech bubbles with words that represent the linguistic mode, and images of me, a computer and a plant that are the visual mode.

I think that this will be a good “before” image for my digital technology “before and after” on my journey to learn more about comics, designing creative works digitally and becoming more educated on tips and tricks.

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