Print Versus Digital Comic: Jasper Contreras

I have a small bit of experience trying to draw comics — most of the time they don’t go anywhere. Both my hand drawn and my digital comic were styled quite similarly with panels and varying text boxes. In drawing the digital comic, I used Photoshop which I have very beginner experience with. In general, I would rather draw by hand because there is a pretty big learning curve when translating it digitally — at least in my experience. There is a little more room to make mistakes in digital drawing because at least you won’t leave eraser and old pencil marks in the space. However, I feel like there’s less control in digital drawing.

Hand-Drawn Comic by Jasper Contreras

In reading comics on paper versus digitally, I don’t find much of a difference. The only major difference to me is preference. I’m not much a fan of reading things on a computer, I’d rather have a physical copy in my hands to read from. My brain just process is a bit better than having something on a screen. Personally though, reading is reading and while I prefer to read a hard copy, I think there is little difference in the two. But I also don’t happen to give myself a lot opportunities where I read with a screen.

Digital Comic by Jasper Contreras

My hand-drawn comic, I feel, played a lot more into the descriptions of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” because it uses more of the “sequential art” than my digital comic. Although, I would say it was just cause I ran out of ideas and had used my good ones for my hand-drawn comic. If anything though, I was very interested in his art style and the mix of cartoon with others as well.

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