Print Versus Digital Comic: Ben Apostol

Creating a printed comic, which was our first project was a very easy assignment because of the freedom of expression and how easy it is to draw a simple comic. Making a small four slide comic about myself was both easy, and turned out how I wanted. Creating a digital comic was a little bit more difficult because of a few factors. I am not as efficient with digital tools, the one I used being Illustrator, so the freedom that I have is limited to my abilities. The benefits of making a printed comic was that it was fast and easy to make, I could draw nearly anything I wanted, and I could easily manage how it was organized. A few drawbacks for the printed comic was that the quality is not as good as something printed. The benefits of creating a digital comic were being able to have a structured and organized digital work space, and having a high quality product at the end of the creation process. The drawbacks of making the digital comic was that my skills are limited, therefore what ever I create has to be fairly simple to construct. Reading the first chapter of “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud helped paint a more vivid picture of what comics are and what you can express through it. Most people have a very narrow view of what comics are and what kind of messages are passed through them. For my comics, I shared pieces of my life in artistic ways to create meaning in my comics.

Digital Comic created by Benjamin Apostol
Printed Comic created by: Benjamin Apostol
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