Print Versus Digital Comic: Blaine Casil

For this blog post, I drew a comic as well as created one digitally that both kind of introduced who I am. For me personally I preferred drawing the comic because I was able to add in more detail and I was able to sketch out what I wanted to do. For me, when I create something I like to sketch out the piece that way I am able to visually see what it would look like before I go over it again. One of the biggest drawback about drawing though is not being able to create a perfect shape without a guide or stencil. As you can see in my comic down below I had a hard time creating straight lines and perfect circles due to not having any stencils.

When I created the digital comic it was actually harder for me. Like I previously stated, I like to sketch out what I will be doing, but with a digital comic I had to know what I wanted to do before I created it. The advantage that digital comics do have that is the one disadvantage that drawing has, and that is creating perfect shapes. I used canva to create my comic and they provided shapes that I could use and I also had the option to import images or other shapes if I needed it. I was able to also create straighter lines. The one disadvantage that digital comics do have is the ability to create your own shapes or designs if you are not proficient in different programs.

The reading “Understanding Comics” helped my understanding on what comics are and how hard it is to actually define what a comic is. I look forward to learning more about comics after reading this book.

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