Print Versus Digital Comic: Ethan Miller

I preferred making the print comic to the digital comic, but there was certainly positives and negatives to both. I’m not a gifted artist, so it took me a while to produce anything recognizable in the print comic, which was definitely frustrating. With the digital comic, everything could be perfect squares or rectangles, so my simple drawing took 100% less ruler work on MS paint than it did physically. There were also drawbacks from the tools I had themselves, such as not having any sort of color for my physical comic or making my digital comic on paint, where I couldn’t adjust shapes, rotate text, etc… The process was much simpler on the digital comic though, it felt more comfortable to size things perfectly, undo a mistake without having to worry about erasing and having streak marks.

print comic
digital comic

I personally don’t find much difference to reading a comic on screen as opposed to paper. There isn’t problems such as the page tearing or the pages flipping back on their own with seeing comics on screen. The main thing that holding a physical graphic novel like Understanding Comics is nostalgia from being a kid and reading Sonic comics before school. The thing I think I like the most about how Scott uses emphasis on his words when reading Understanding Comics, and I tried to emulate that a little in my digital comic with the third panel and the spaced out/bigger lettering to show emphasis. Once again, there isn’t many font options in paint and I would’ve rotated the text to space better if I could, but the idea is there.

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