Print Versus Digital Comic: Diana Alonso

Before I started to work on my comic, I had left it to do it last minute because I thought it was going to be easy but when I got to the point where I had to brainstorm, I was struggling a lot to come up with topics and image. Never did I think I could ever make a comic, and especially not about myself. Before reading the book “Understanding Comics”, I had never really read a comic book, and I had a different perspective about comics. I always thought comics were just pictures about random stuff, but I have learned that comics can be very informational and are also a form of telling stories. I think that working on a comic on paper was way easier than doing it digitally. Working on paper gave me more freedom to express myself, as when I was doing it digitally, I was restricted to adding certain details because I did not know how to use my resources well.

I think something that I struggled the most with while working on my paper comic was coming up with the images that were going to relate to what my comic was going to be about. Also, another thing that I struggled with while I was working on my comic was doing the illustrations, which I didn’t know were not necessary for a comic. A struggle I faced when working on my digital comic was finding tools that I already knew how to use.

The difference between reading a comic online and reading one in a hard copy is that comics are set up in books in a certain way for us to understand the comic. When you read a comic online it rearranges the comic which defeats the purpose of the comic.

After reading “Understanding Comics”, I got a better idea of what a comic is like, although I still struggled when creating mine.

Print Comic by Diana Alonso
Digital Comic by Diana Alonso

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