Print vs. Digital Comic: Anthony Sanchez

While creating the comics I didn’t know anything about comics other than they are read from left to right. As well some don’t have to have much details associated with them. It also doesn’t have to be sentimental or have a back story to it. I felt like while I was trying to make my first comic, I tried to copy the stereotype of what we all think a comic is. But I guess you can say it was beneficial to me because I able to express myself with the movement of the pencil. But while I did it digitally, I felt forced and I felt like I couldn’t express myself how I wanted. And while reading a comic on a paper it just feels right to me because that’s how I would read comics when I was younger. Now I don’t get the joy as much when I read it on a screen. While reading Scott McCloud’s book it gave me ideas how I can change and write difference works later and how I’m able to improve my style of creating comics. 

Digital created comic by Anthony Sanchez
Hand drawn comic by Anthony Sanchez
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