Print Versus Digital Comic: Dean Janikowski

The two comics I created digital versus hand drawn are very similar yet very different. To begin with my digital drawing was a story about my dog hunter. In the digital comic I used a lot of visuals to help depict what is going on. Whether it was the time or year. To make the digital comic I used a comic app that helped make an easy template for me. It made it easy and divided the comic into small boxes that I could use from scene to scene. With the comic app I could use my Apple Pencil and draw just like I would on paper.

For my hand drawn comic things were different than using my iPad. I had to actually make the boxes for each scene use paper, pencil, eraser, and a ruler. There were alot more tools involved in just creating my actual comic. My hand drawn comic was also a story and it talked about how I got to WSU. It went into detail on my journey here and what I had to do to get where I am today. The biggest difference for me between the two had to be just the amount of effort and usability. Hand drawn comic took way more effort to put together yet it was very user friendly. It was so user friendly because it’s what I’ve grown up doing is drawing as a kid. The digital comic was way easier to put together but the user friendliness was harder because I was working with something new which was the actual comic app. The difference between reading a paper comic over a digital comic is a paper comic feels more friendly and traditional over the digital comic. The digital comic feels very modern and doesn’t have the same vibes as a paper copy. Lastly after reading the first chapter of Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud I learned a lot of basic teachings in comics which helped make my comic strip a lot easier to complete. Overall, it was really cool to see the differences and similarities in both the hand drawn and digital comic.

Digital Comic by Dean Janikowski January 2020
Hand Drawn Comic Part 1 by Dean Janikowski January 2020
Hand Drawn Comic Part 2 by Dean Janikowski January 2020
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