Print Versus Digital Comics: Shira Feinberg

After a lot of thought, I finally came up with two comics that I thought would help illustrate myself; one was hand drawn while the other was digitally made. The hand drawn one has six images that represent the things I love and what I like to do. For example, I am extremely happy for the invention of phones which help make communication simpler and faster, such that my friends and I could go on our spontaneous trip to Seattle. On the other hand, my digital comic illustrates one of my favorite memories, in which I got to go hiking and saw the Milky Way and shooting stars for the first time in my life.

When it came time to making a comic, both hand-drawn and digital have their own advantages and disadvantages. On paper, a comic reveals the makers emphasis on certain aspects of the image/s. This is seen through shading which further helps to show the depth of an image, the colors, the handwriting, and more. My hand drawn comic helps to demonstrate some of these elements. The shading allowed me to emphasize certain parts of the image in comparison to others. For example, the Space Needle is shaded darker to help draw the readers eyes towards it. I made it darker so that readers can, hopefully, draw a conclusion as to the city being Seattle. Furthermore, hand drawn is easier to create certain images as it is not just pixels. So, circular things are easier drawn than used on a computer. This can be seen in my comic with all the rounded things: cars, pig, sun, etc. However, there are fewer circular objects in my digital comic.

My digital comic contains stick figures, a fairly straight mountain, stars, and other more linear things. This is because I found it harder to create circular objects on Photoshop. However, digital comics do have their advantages. Unlike hand-drawn comics, digital comics can be images that are drawn once and copied with slight alterations which make the comic flow better. Furthermore, there are certain paint brushes, on Photoshop, that helped make it easier to draw the stars. Not only that, computers allow the maker to have certain fonts and change sizes of texts easily which give the comic more depth.

Digital Comic – Shira Feinberg Jan 2020

When it comes to reading the comic, it feels more personal to read something that is hand-drawn or on paper than on the computer. For me, this is because the paper gives the image a different feel than a computer screen does. For example, when reading “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud, it felt like the main character was more developed than that on a computer screen.

The book itself was very fascinating, however, it did not help me much with picking an idea for my comic as I could not really relate all that much to what he was saying.

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