Print Versus Digital Comic: Jon Preng

Within the past week, I have designed two different comics introducing myself. The first comic was hand-drawn while the other was created digitally. I noticed that both took the same amount of time but look completely different. After debating to myself, I definitely prefer hand drawing comics.

            There are plenty of drawbacks and benefits between the two processes. For example, something that I enjoyed about drawing my comic was that there was no technical problems and it was pretty simple. A negative aspect about this method is that I am not able to draw perfect shapes (no matter how many times I try) and my ink was smeared many times throughout the process. On the other hand, I was able to create perfect shapes in Photoshop. I also enjoyed the “copy and paste” technique to make things easier and more time efficient. However, something I do not like about creating digital content is the hassle of clicks just for one simple element such as adding a shape, text or color.

            In both pieces, I used different modes that were discussed in class. I used text and headings, which is linguistic. The delivery was written, and I used phrases and sentences. My panels and style represent the design, known as visual mode. Spatial mode was used by the spacing of each frame, spreading my art throughout the entire canvas. The majority of art was 2D, in both designs. Lastly, I used a small amount of gestural mode by giving my stick figures a happy facial expression. This sets off a positive and joyful tone. The only mode from lecture that I did not include was aural, which refers to sound.

            Overall, I enjoyed this assignment and found it fun creating a comic for the first time in many years. I can’t wait to progress and create a more complex comic in the future!

Drawn comic by Jon Preng, January 2020.
Digital comic by Jon Preng, January 2020.

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