Print Versus Digital Comic: Dakota Pint

By comparing and contrasting my experiences of making a comic by hand versus using a digital tool can best be described as easy versus difficult. By creating art work by hand, it’s much easier thinking and drawing simultaneously, rather than creating on an electrical device where you are limited by using certain digital tools. I personally am not a very techno-savvy individual, therefore creating an image wasn’t as easy for me as it was creating it by hand. A benefit of hand-drawing art work is that you can always add to it, however once electrical art is printed out or downloaded, you are unable to add little details that you think of later.

The difference between reading comics on a screen as opposed to paper, is its tangible aspects. I like reading out of hard-copy books rather than blue-light screens; for me personally, I enjoy reading books out of hand and watching videos on screens. For comics, I think it is easier to follow and understand when the images are on paper because it’s more interesting, colorful and personable. Reading the first chapter of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” relates to my feelings about comics on paper. I enjoyed following along and flipping through the book because it made the experience of reading the first chapter more interesting to read the rest of the book. Reading through the book did not give me any ideas for my digital comic because I had already completed the assignment. However, McCloud’s first chapter, did give me ideas for the next assignment DTC requires.

Digitally Created

Hand Drawn
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