Print Versus Digital Comic: Anna Davenport

Hand Drawn Comic By: Anna Davenport January, 2020
Digital Comic By: Anna Davenport January, 2020

I really enjoyed this project because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I do not have much experience drawing on paper and so working on that had a bit more drawbacks for me than on a digital program. One of those drawbacks for me was the fact that I only had the colors that were in my pencil pouch. This only allowed me to add simple colors. One thing that I felt was a benefit of drawing on paper was that it allowed me to work more on my skills as an artist. I felt that digitally I was more successful because I have a lot more experience with using adobe draw. One drawback could be that I often get too worried about it being perfect on a digital platform because I am more experienced in that. However, with a paper and pencil comic, I was able to be free and more creative without worrying about the perfection of the comic.

As for the presentation and reading of the comic, I feel that since I tend to draw better digitally there is more chance of the reader being able to understand what is happening in the comic. From the reading in understanding comics, I got more of the idea that a comic is not just flashes of drawings. There are multiple frames that come together to create a story. Therefore, when I was doing my digital comic, I tried to tell more of a story through multiple frames. Another thing that I got from reading chapters 1&2 was that there are many ways of organizing a comic. When I was doing my hand-drawn comic, I put all four frames right next to each other and all the frames were the same size. After reading the chapters, I did my best to organize my comic in a way that was still readable but more creative in the placement and size of the frames.

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