Print Versus Digital Comic: Edgar S. Martinez

My Print Comic about DnD
This is my digital comic

When we were tasked with creating a comic, I was nervous at first as it was something that I had never done. However as I worked I found it much easier and the flow of ideas came out much more naturally. Creating a comic on paper was much more approachable as I knew what I was able to do and could write and draw what I wanted. However I was limited by the tools and materials that I had on me. But I was also limited by my own ability to draw and make good panels. My own skill set was also a limiting factor when it came to the print comic. The digital one however had all the tools that I needed right from the start. The problem however was having the knowledge to effectively use them. It felt as if I was slightly more restricted when creating the digital comic as It was digital and I couldn’t just use a pencil to correct mistakes. After reading the first chapter of the book I was able to create a more unique comic. My digital comic was originally going to be in a sequential order but after reading chapter 1 I ditched that idea entirely. Instead I went more with a comic that was just a series of random panels all related by a topic, that topic being me.

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