Print Versus Digital Comic: Daylon Hicks

I created two comics. One comic was created by hand and the other was created digitally. The first comic which was hand drawn, was describing who I am and basic common knowledge such as where I’m from and what my hobbies are. The benefits from making a comic on paper is that it’s easier to create pictures and the drawbacks is my actual drawings. The benefits of making a comic digitally is the platforms to choose from. I had options from sites like Adobe to Google Slides.

The written comic was easier to make for me because it was easier for me to physically draw the characters. The drawing is not the best, but it felt better for me to actually draw the comic with my hands rather than using the computer. The comic is about me and the DTC program. I describe how DTC program is interesting to me mostly because of this class. I find it interesting the different ways that comics are made through the internet.

The other comic which was created digitally, was easy to use because I had multiple of platforms to create comics from, but it was also hard to use because it felt weird making a comic on my computer. The one I did which was off a website was unique to use because of many options you do with the comic such as the background, characters, and the facial expression of my character.

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