Print Versus Digital Comic: Kirk Brown

When asked to create a comic by hand I was naturally worried my lack of art skills would not be proficient enough for the assignment. What I learned from this project so far is that my drawing skills are much more advanced than my work with Adobe Illustrator. I found I was most successful with drawing my comic because I could add the little details I wasn’t aware were hard to re-create with illustrator. More specifically, even the speech bubbles weren’t an easy battle with illustrator. The benefit of drawing versus using online softwares to create a comic is that you can add little details such as shading and little objects. However, I believe that illustrator is superior because, if you know what you’re doing, you can create very professional looking comics that have a better opportunity to be printed and distributed.

I couldn’t figure out how to flip the image, sorry viewers of this.

After completing this initial first part of the project, I also noticed that there is a difference from reading comics on paper versus digitally. I personally believe it feels different because when you’re reading print comics that has your undivided attention; whereas when you are reading a comic digitally you aren’t as engaged. This can be due to the way our eyes perceive the pixels we are viewing or maybe because of the possibility that you’ll receive an e-mail, text or new notification that diverts one’s attention. I am no scientist so I’m not sure if what I claimed has any hard evidence to it, however, that is just from my personal observations.

This is my digital comic. I’m not proud that I portrayed myself as a potato, but hopefully I can improve these skills.

As you can see, my craftsmanship has drastically changed. I found Scott McClouds style to be very interesting and creative in chapter 1. I was unable to takeaway of his ideas and include them in my digital comic. I thought I knew more about illustrator, but I look forward to sharpening those skills in this class.

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