Print Versus Digital Comic: Luis Trejo

While creating a hand drawn comic and a digital comic, I noticed that each way had its positives as well as negatives.

Hand drawn comic by Luis Trejo

My hand drawn comic consists of information about myself including where I was born and my hobbies. I divided some of my favorite hobbies into panels with some text making it easy for the reader to understand the comic as well as get to know a little bit about me. When drawing on paper with a pencil I feel as if I have total control of what I am drawing, and it is easy to add details to an image. I found myself having to erase quite a bit when drawing giving the finished comic a not so clean look.

Digital comic by Luis Trejo

For my digital comic I recreated my hand drawn comic in Adobe Photoshop. I used a mouse to draw instead of my hand, and it resulted in me feeling as if I had less control of what I was drawing. Creating the digital comic was easy and less time consuming than drawing the comic with the assistance of tools in Photoshop that helped me create straight lines, shapes, resize elements and duplicate layers. After creating the comic digitally, the comic had a clean look and very simplistic compared to the hand drawn version.

My first draft of the hand drawn comic did not have any words, leaving the comic up for interpretation of the reader. I could understand the comic, but I felt as if the comic wasn’t complete and needed another element. After reading the first chapter on Scott McCloud I noticed that comics that do not use words can have many different interpretations between the readers. I wanted to make my comic easier to understand so I added a few words in each panel that explains the reason for each drawing. I felt that adding myself in addition with the words in each panel gave the comic a complete look.

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