Print Versus Digital Comic: Brady Davis

Hand Drawn Comic by Brady Davis

I found the hand drawn comic the most challenging as I’m not a great artist when it comes to drawing things by hand. Keeping lines straight and drawing things that are going to be identifiable to other people poses difficulty but I think I conveyed what I was trying to say as it was pretty straightforward and simple especially with the text.

Digital Comic by Brady Davis

The digital comic was definitely easier for me as I just find it easier to work on a digital interface. I used Microsoft paint which is somewhat limiting in what you can do. I was able to easily add colors to it which made it pop more than the hand drawn comic. I’m still not the best at drawing even digitally so it didn’t come out the best but I think I prefer it to the hand drawn one still.

I think between the two the digital one added much more room for creativity as there are so many tools that can be used on the computer to create images that you can’t easily reproduce with pencil and paper. It just feels more efficient and easy to work on a digital workspace where you aren’t wasting paper and if you make a mistake you can easily undo it. They both essentially tell the same simple story but in different ways. The hand drawn relies on the text more and the digital relies more on the art.

About Brady Davis

WSU Digital Technology and Culture 2022
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