Print Versus Digital Comic: Trent Madison


Hand Drawn Comic by Trent Madison.

Drawing the comic by hand for the first assignment was a bit challenging for me because i was unsure what to even draw that would tell something about myself, so i drew a comic that was about my major and a little bit about what i like. Now knowing the definition of what a comic is, i realized that my hand drawn comic was a comic strip and that i could have given the information without the boxes around every scene. The benefits of drawing a comic is that it can be done fairly quick. Drawbacks would be that the quality of my hand drawn work is not very good.

comic 1

The struggle of everyday life of a student is illustrated through a comic made by Trent Madison.

The digital comic that i made shows what life can be like some days. I focused on something i can relate to versus who i literally am. The process of creating the digital comic took way longer to do because I used Illustrator to create a person using tons of smaller parts. The Benefits of using the program are that I was able to create a person that actually looks somewhat like a human. The Drawbacks would be how much more time and effort it takes to make just one thing if its detailed.

Reading a comic on paper can be dull if there is no color used to bring out the visual element of what a comic is, as opposed to reading a comic on a screen that is full of color and has cleaner lines.

Reading Scott McCloud’s first chapter inspired me to think about simplistic sequential art. By reading my comic left to right, you can assume that its starting on the left side, and as it goes to the right time passes, creating an order to the three events. I also used space in between each different occurrence so that it would get treated like time would for a movie or show.


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