Final Web Comic: Min Kim


Remembrance that days will get better. Web comic by Min Kim, December 2019

The web presentation format allowed me to present my work in a vertical scroll down style that I have always wanted to try, since I read a lot of Webtoons (which are there scroll down web comics it has heavily influenced me to choose this style of format. How my reader is guided through my work, is exactly through the scrolling and in addition the distance of the panels and the text underneath and i-between help pace the reader and also allowed the reader to pace through the comic themselves. In terms of different views on other devices, I have made it so that it is not only viewable on desktop but is also mobile friendly, so that it may be read from all devices. Scott McCloud would say that my comic is interdependent in the use of words and pictures to interpret my comic as neither could work to the fullest extent without each other. In addition, he would also not a strong element of closure where the ending is not defined and my comic in particular because the viewers are their own main character the ending is based on their lives and what is to come in the future.

For this project I have used photoshop and although using illustrator would have saved me the trouble of sizing and resolution problems, photoshop offered a wide array of brushes for the stylistic part of my comic. Photoshop enabled me to take a greater artistic approach than vector lines as I decided to use a graphite and watercolor aesthetic for my comic. I decided to put my comic on a Wix generated website because I have previously used Wix before. Wix was very simple to use and it fit my desired vertical format well overall. I had taken my high resolution JEPG and inserted into the website, the file was big enough to fill the screen and was sufficient. hat I learned in photoshop was the new use of brushes and pressure dynamics on the stylus, as well as correcting hues, saturation, and other elements of the color later on at the end of my comic making process. For Wix I did not learn much of anything new but I got to recap on how to add and edit to suit mobile use.

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