Final Web Comic- Jon Klaveano

The creative plan I originally had for this final project was to make something manageable. At the same time though I wanted it to look like an idea for a movie. I was asked to design this comic for the web, and to do accomplish this I used Wix. Which is a website that allows you to build a website. Wix was tremendously useful in creating my final comic and actually inspired my final product. I was also really inspired by the online comic we looked at that would show one frame at a time. Luckily for me Wix had a similar option which I

The last frame in my comic.

used for my final product. I believe that because my work will be shown only frame by frame the reader will be more likely to understand my story. Even before I made my website I had the idea that the reader would come to a conclusion on the ending. I wanted my storyline to be kind of obscure. Regardless of the device my comic is viewed the same way. I strongly believe that Scott McCloud would categorize my project as a comic. I used photoshop for my last project because I felt the most comfortable in the software. I also believed that it would work best for my idea. As stated before I ended up using Wix because of my little to no knowledge in HTML and CSS. Wix ended up working perfectly for my assignment it was just so easy to learn and use. I was able to directly upload my files to wix with ease. I learned a ton with this final project in both Photoshop and Wix.

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