Final Web Comic: Brayden Jacobs

My comic started out as a knock-off version of Rick and Morty that would go on a few short adventures to a few different alternate dimensions. The main piece of my project that changed as I started to make was that I hadn’t realized how many comics are made with vector-based graphics similar or very close to how we have created objects in illustrator. My viewing of ‘embracing bed comics’ was to take advantage of the dimensions aspect I planned on using with my comic and have each different dimension be a different web page. This would give the comic a 3-D sense and bring more viewer interaction. My initial views and hopes for the project were a little out of my grasp of time with dead week and finals week I wasn’t left with much free time to complete the project to the level of professionalism that I would have hoped, but this is a project I plan on continuing in my free time and work out a lot of the kinks from the second page to make it much more fitting to the iconography I hold myself to. The web presentation gave me a few issues, specifically that I wanted to have an image hyperlinked (the portal) to go onto the next section of the comic but was left with limitation with Wix, Google Slides and WordPress. I ended up going with google slides and adding hyperlinked text that allowed the reader to move to the next page. Besides that, the comic reads vertically and is a pretty simple layout. I think Scott McCloud would say my comic has some potential but was perhaps not completed as much as it could have been. I took a lot of time in making the characters of Rick and Morty but fell behind on time with schoolwork when it came to Tom and Jerry. They were meant to not look the same as Rick and Morty as I was making a ‘Russian cartoon knock-off” joke, but it came across as sloppy in the end.

Rick and Morty Comic – Brayden Jacobs

I only used Illustrator for my comic. I had originally planned on using both illustrator and Photoshop, but after examining the Adult Swim TV show, Rick and Morty, I found that the entire show is created with vector-based graphics and went from there to create my characters and backgrounds all in Illustrator. I tried a few different web options but settled on Google Slides when none of the template options had just what I wanted, and I didn’t have the time to learn HTML and CSS. My experience overall was okay with using an online format however I may have been a little too ambitious on what I wanted to do from the start. I think it worked its way onto a digital platform perfectly and uploading each slide as a separate .jpg allowed me to move the images around the screen in a more interesting fashion than if I had simply put up a basic vertical or horizontal comic. I learned a lot about how artists and comics of today create their work and watched a ton of informational YouTube videos on vector graphics and even looked into other options than just Illustrator to complete my project.

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