Final Web Comic: Eddie Abellar

Web comic by Eddie Abellar Fall, 2019.

For my final web comic, I decided to create my own superhero and present it in the class blog on WordPress. My web comic is read from top to bottom, so when people view my web comic on WordPress, the only thing they have to do is scroll down to read the rest of my web comic.

My web comic can be read on any device whether it be a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer because of the way I structured it. When I created the document for my final web comic, I made sure that it was the right width in order to be presentable in a scroll down fashion on WordPress for any device.

I think Scott McCloud would declare that my final web comic fits his definition of a comic which is “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer. In my final web comic, I have organized images in a sequence from top to bottom in order to tell a story to the viewer.

For my final web comic, I used only Illustrator. Illustrator was my program of choice because I felt more comfortable with it than I did with Photoshop. I also enjoy creating new designs out of shapes more than I do taking photos and editing them.

I chose to put my final web comic on WordPress because it was the easier option. I also wanted to put all of my focus towards the web comic instead of spending time learning how to create my own website. I am very pleased with the way my web comic looks on the class blog. Posting the web comic on the class blog was the best option for me since my web comic can just be read by scrolling down the page.

Getting my Illustrator file on the class blog was fairly simple. After I saved my web comic as an Illustrator file, I then exported it as a JPEG at the highest quality. All I did after that was upload my file into the media library in WordPress, make sure the dimensions were right, then uploaded it.

While working on the final web comic, I learned a lot of new techniques in Illustrator that helped me create some of the designs I was struggling with. One technique I learned was creating text that resembled the Superman font style. I learned this technique from a video on YouTube. In order to create this text I made the text outlines, used the direct selection tool, the shear tool, and the 3D & Bevel panel. Another technique I learned while creating my web comic was how to create superhero characters out of shapes. I also learned this technique from a YouTube video. The Vaporizer, the character in my comic, is made up entirely out of shapes. I mostly used the rounded rectangle and ellipses tool to create the Vaporizer. Once I was done creating him, I copied him and reflected him over the y-axis, then I changed his super suits colors in order to create the villain in my final web comic.

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