Final Web Comic: Jack Kay

Part 2 of Comic; Made in Adobe Illustrator

When creating my online comic, I first thought about coding it myself with HTML and CSS, but both were rather difficult. I struggled figuring out how codes transferred over to my actual website. It was not until the class sharing day that I realized that is the better fit for me. I was able to customize the page from a template and that allowed for a much greater ease of access. The button actually took the viewer to new pages, which I could not figure out how to do when I was coding. allowed for a very nice website with all features necessary, it was easy to use, and my possibilities were endless. The original view is 3 houses representing the very-known fairytale about the three little pigs, so I expect the reader to view the story from left to right. On top of that, the button above the houses read off: “Enter Story, Part 2, Finale.” These practically force the reader to read the comic how I want them to. The easy, clickable button will allow the reader to interact with my work just fine. With the outstanding knowledge on the three little pigs already, the viewer will have no problem navigating through the houses of my story. I tested the website on mobile and everything seems to work fine, the only problem is that the mobile version does not show all three houses in the beginning but does allow the reader to use the three buttons provided and still see the rest of the comic. I have not tried the website on Tablets, but I would expect them to mimic what the computer is capable of. I believe Scott McCloud would really like what I have done with my comic. The comic has a dark twist to the original 3 little pigs’ story and depicts time very well. The background color seems to shift the time of the overall story until it hits the night. The line quality in the comics force the reader to pay more attention to certain parts and the spatial aspects help as well.

I used Adobe Illustrator for all of my project because I wanted to start everything from scratch and have full control of the outcome. I used Wix to make a website and I simply the added a file of the comic to the background of the page. I learned from this project that coding is very hard when just learning on my own and that Wix is a very useful tool and has everything I need to create a website.

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