Final Web Comic: Hyelim Min

I was interested in reading simplistic webcomic. I enjoyed reading webcomics that express the character’s emotions and speech with the different way of speech bubbles. Those way of web comics have inspired me to draw a comic with their speaking in expression of speech bubbles and simplistic way. I have contained the message that is very realistic and possible to happen to any students who have been struggled in their school life. Many of the students would have felt the feelings of overwhelmed with school either middle school, high school, or even in the college at least once. I have contained those feelings onto my web comic so that the viewer can identify with the story, understand it, and know why the character has dreamed like that. I think the viewer would be able to interact with my comic by having empathy with my subject from the web comic. My comic can be viewed on different devices but it would only be able to view by scrolling down the each panels. I would expect Scott McCloud to positively react on comic based on containing good storytelling and a closure.

Basic RGB

Web Comic by Hyelim Min. December 2019

When I constructed my web comic, I have used illustrator program. I wanted to draw my own artwork by hand and using the pen tool. Through those experience of drawing a comic with illustrator program, I think I have increased my skill to use the illustrator and photoshop program and advanced my understanding of those programs. I have posted my site on the WordPress website. I have launched the site and posted the page like a blog posting. I have tried to build a website myself, however there was little bit of challenge and struggles in those progress. Therefore, I have chosen the WordPress website which is more familiar with me by posting blogs for the DTC201 class. The experience with my publishing site on the WordPress was interesting, because although it was more familiar than other websites such as Wix or creating HTML and CSS, it was my first experience to launch my own site to post my webcomics. Therefore, there was some troubles on launching my site. I thought I have done everything for posting my site, however it was actually not on my site because I have not launched my site yet. Except for those problems, I think I have used the WordPress website well to show my web comic to the viewer. The files I have made in Illustrator program was saved as JPEG by exporting my files to photoshop files and then saved with maximum quality. I have posted my saved work onto my website.

This is the website of my web comic!

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