Final Web Comic: Jake Bailey

Link to my web comic:

For my comic once I decided that I was going to do the choose your own adventure idea as my comic style, being on the web made it a lot easier to enact. Being able to use the buttons and different web pages was really nice and exactly how I imagined the story to be told. The viewer is meant to follow the path of my comic and use the buttons at the end of the necessary panels to be taken to a new web page to continue the comic. As for being viewed on different medias I have checked both laptop and on my phone and both ways the comic looks and works just how I want, almost better on mobile as it is more condensed and the extra web page space is eliminated. I think Scott McCloud would like my comic as it does follow his definition of juxtaposed pictures and words as well as being a different sort of style then you see in everyday print comics and digital comics.

A Screen Capture taken from my web comic showing both a panel and the buttons that play a big role in advancing the comic

I used Illustrator for the sole reason that it felt a lot easier for someone not as digital design skilled as myself. Also, Illustrator I feel allowed me more creative liberty in being able to draw exactly what I want to draw using lines, changing in my own image, rather than just pictures used together. For getting my comic on a web page I used weebly because its the only website building software I have a decent amount of knowledge in, having to have used it for high school. Another reason I choose weebly is because I knew they had the button tool and that was a big part of my comic that needed to be available, and it ended up working out just like I wanted. To get the files onto the website I simply just created the pages with the side drawings, converted them to jpg, and then the inserted the images onto the site. As for what I learned that was new, I finally figured out how to use the gradient tool, which I utilized a lot for the cave and darkness effect. Also, I was just able to get better at using the software and making what my mind imagined after never using illustrator before.

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