Final Web Comic: Bruno Signorelli

The ability of not doing a traditional left to right reading style inspired me for this project because I wanted to try something different. Also having it be on web also allowed me to work with things like a scrolling feature which also inspired me because it led me to doing something a vertical comic that is continuously going down. I expect the reader to just scroll down because that’s really all they can do on my website, and with the whole concept of my comic being each frame is a zoom in from the last it makes a lot of sense and having to see one panel at a time in the specific order I designed it in helps the reader understand what I’m going for. No matter what device you read my comic it still reads the same way because each panel is put on top of each other and there is no side to side scrolling on vertical. I think Scott McCloud would see my web comic as a comic because it does contain juxtaposed images that are meant to be appealing to the eye, and they are placed in a deliberate order to have a deliberate effect on the reader. It also contains things like repetition and color, to give the reader a sense of time and space throughout my comic.

I used a mixture of both Photoshop and Illustrator, but I mainly used Illustrator. I used Illustrator to create most of the images in my web comic, and I did this because I was able to create a certain style that just looked better if I used a vector-based software over a pixel-based software. I used Photoshop for two of my images because for one of them I

Image I created using Illustrator

wanted the Photoshop brush tool because I think it created a better star effect for the stars, I had in space for my first panel. I also used Photoshop in one of my later panels because it I wanted to create a glitch effect for one of my images, and I had already known how to do that from before on Photoshop so instead of learning how to do it on illustrator I just took my image I did on Illustrator and added a glitch effect to that. I put my comic on Wix and it was very easy I used a blank website template and from there all I had to do was put in a Title text box at the top of the page, and then I just kept added my images one at a time in the correct order on top of each other without any space in between them, to create a better zoom effect. My experience with Wix was a very positive one because I didn’t have single issue with it and was able to do that portion of my project very fast and exactly like I wanted to. I just transferred all my illustrator and Photoshop files in jpeg files and then I was able to add them onto my website. I don’t know if I learned anything new while working on this project but I did feel like my skills in illustrator did improve a lot while working on this project, and I also learned a new style of creating a comic which was on a website.

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